Saturday, February 13, 2010


The Med-E-Lert Pharmacy Filling Program is an additional profit center for the pharmacy. The pharmacy sells the Med-E-Lert Automatic Pill Dispenser and charges a monthly fee to fill the trays. Pharmacies in the United Kingdom have been filling automatic pill dispenser trays successfully for a number of years.

The following promotion is for pharmacy chains interested in increasing their profits and medication adhearance by promoting the Med-E-Lert Pharmacy Filling Program.

When ordering Med-E-Lerts in 20' container quantities (4320 units) Med-E-Lert will offer two additional Spare Trays (8640 Trays) with Dosage Rings and Dust Covers in a white box Free of Charge. Free shipping is also offered on container orders. This will provide the customer with a total of three trays. Initially the Med-E-Lert can be loaded and programmed by the pharmacist. After the first filling of the trays, the extra trays can be carried to the pharmacy for refills.

Automatic pill dispensers like the Med-E-Lert are ideal for patients who have Alheizmer's, dementia, are mentally or visually impaired or for those who take several medications or nutritional supplements and vitamins throughout the day and need an efficient reminder of which pills to take when. The most successful program for the Automatic Pill Dispensers have been one where the community pharmacist fills the dispenser. Standard Operating procedures have been set up by pharmacies in the UK. For more information about these procedures and how the Med-E-Lert Pharmacy Filling Program can work for you contact:

John Krans

716-907-3395 (US Phone)

Monday, February 8, 2010


This gadget has been a godsend! I help someone who has to take quite a few vital medications, in a complicated, four-times-a-day regimen. Even with the basic, non-mechanized pill organizers, it was a nightmare trying to help her remember her pill times and getting her to take the right pills at the right time without getting mixed up and either missing a dosage or taking them to close together and thus dangerously doubling dosages.

I know I sound like a TV pitchman when I say that I was skeptical about this device at first, because there are competing pill dispensers at four, five and even ten times the price of this that seem to do pretty much the same thing. I figured there must be some catch, or trade-off or some vital feature that this less expensive device didn't have. But I bought one and lo and behold, for non-commercial, private home application, it works great! I load it up once a week and I'm done!

The set-up instructions could be clearer, but I followed them carefully and got it done in about 15 minutes or less, and there will be no reason to have to re-set it unless the doctor changes the regimen times, which is not likely. That it is battery powered is also good. The electricity shut off during a couple of storms recently but this dispenser went right ahead and did what was needed, alerting and dispensing, one less thing, a very important thing, that I don't have to worry about with the lights off.

I can't tell you how much this humble device has made life easier, less frustrating--and SAFER--for myself and my friend. It does exactly what the say it does. I love it and highly recommend it.

(My gosh, I sure DO sound like some wild-eyed TV pitchman, but I guess it is that good ol' fashioned enthusiasm for this product that compelled me to bother to write this review, knowing that if it helps others like it helped me, the world will be a happier place, Classic win-win.) - David Ciaffardini

My mother has early stage Alheizmers disease, and this automatic pill dispenser has solved a very critical problem. She would fall asleep and wake up several times during the day, and each she would think it was a new day, and take the next medications from her pill boxes. this product has solved that problem, and has actually helped he overcome a great deal of confusion. My only complaint is that the initial set-up is difficult at best, and the instructions are not intuitively easy - Snyder

I purchased this for my mom with short term memory loss who often could not remember if she took her pills. She lives alone and it was very worisome for me. This pill dispenser is very sophisticated with lots of options which makes it complicated to set up. No way an elderly person could do it themselves in my opinion. Bur after set it up it totally resolved our problem! there is no way she can take pills twice which is the most dangerous situation plus I can tell if she skips a dose (she hasn't). Any alarms set up shut off as soon as you tip the pills out. Anyway, we love it and it is well worth the cost in peace of mind. My only caution is that each pill section is not very big. In my mom's case her pill are noy so large so there is plenty of room, but if taking large pills like vitamins and antibiotics there could be an issue getting them all in. I suppose you could use two sections and have them open at different times of the day to resolve the problem. Anyway, now that we have this we could not live without it. - Linda M

Sunday, February 7, 2010

jonas-care Distributes Med-E-Lert In Germany, Austria and Switzerland

The Company jonas-care was established in the year 2002 by Lothar Beck with a drinking aid for handicapped persons in need of care.

This very flexible drinking aid allows, especially in case of restricted motor activity such as Athetosis, Spastic Paralysis, MS, Parkinson's Disease, Celebral Paralysis, the independent and safe drinking from normal glasses without using hands.

The long lasting good connections to a wide field of customers, such as end users, resellers, clinics, facilities, and medical suppliers will give a helpful start up for selling the Med-E-Lert Automatic Pill Dispenser. This unit is offered under a new name "MEDI-28" which is more common in the German language area. jonas-care takes special care to keep all European standards for the unit, which are totally different from the US market.

jonas-care installed a separate website under to deal with these units. The start date will be in March 2010.