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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Happy Med-E-Lert Customers

My mother, Who lives alone with part time care providers, has difficulty with severe short term memory loss, confusing days, times etc. The biggest worry I had was the fact that she was taking pills from her large monthly pill box on the wrong days at incorrect times or mainly not taking the medications at all.

The 'Med-E-Lert' solved that problem for her, it took a few days to get use to the device alerts etc. but now she takes it everywhere, and we know now she is following the Doctor's prescribed consumption.

I did observe that some of the soft gel type pills tend to stick in the pill pocket, so Mom gives it a good shake and the do fall out into ger hands.

You cannot find this kind of peace of mind for the money. I anticipate getting another if this one wears out and eventually one for myself. -- Peter

This works GREAT. With my mother's memory is not very good, she could not remember when she took her pills. I have to work so was not able to be at home when it as time for her pain medication. Often times she would take it much to early and I worried about an overdose and then she was in a lot of pain before it was time to take the next dose. This way, I don't have to worry. It's on the table and she can't open it to take the medications until it is time for her to do so. It's made a big difference in how she feels as well. Taking her medication at a specific time (instead of when she thought she should take them) has helped her manage her pain much better and she is doing much better than before.

The next best thing was the price!!! I could not believe the price of these types of products. Why pay hundreds of dollars when this one works GREAT. --
I was a little skeptical at first, because this was cheaper than others I had looked at, but to my amazement I truly did find a great item.

It's compact, not so hard to set up, has a loud enough sound, and it suits my need perfectly.

My mother is 85 and is hard oh hearing. She hears it from any room in the house.

The only problem we gave encountered is the fact that she takes a lot of medicines and on a couple of occasions a pill stuck at the bottom and they were missed. But I now fill it a little different putting the larger pills in first and the more important pills in last. No problems since. -- Sandi

Works well for my mother who can't remember to take her meds on time. Now we just have to be sure she takes them. -- Sharon Schneider
I recently bought this pill dispenser for my mother it has been such an awesome and affordable device. I had priced these units at twice the cost and really didn't want to pay that much. I would have, for the peace of mind that it brings, but I am very happy with the cost of this one! She is almost 99 and livesin assisted living, but is still independent!

Awsome product~!

Thank you very much! -- beadrookie
Purchased two of the Med-E-Lert Automatic Pill Dispensers. One for each of my parents. Although they are able to care for themselves, their medication doses were confusing them to the point that they would skip and/or double dose. After setting up the pill dispensers the first time, both parents are feeling much better and more comfortable with getting their meds on time and in the right dosages.

It takes a little concentration to get the box set up right the first time but after that, it is a breeze to fill and lock each week. --
L. Cook

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy@Home Says About Med-E-Lert

"Now that we've had one for 6 months, we can't live without an electronic pillbox. We want to get one for our dogs, now, for when they have to take medication. You no longer have to remember when to take your meds or when to give them to your loved ones (humans or pets). you can tote it easily from kitchen to bathroon to bedside, so the meds are there when you need to take them. You can't accidently spill your pills after the contraption is locked. And compared to the fees charged by assisted living facilities, this will pay for itself in one week!" . . .

Thursday, July 29, 2010

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