Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Happy Med-E-Lert Customers

My mother, Who lives alone with part time care providers, has difficulty with severe short term memory loss, confusing days, times etc. The biggest worry I had was the fact that she was taking pills from her large monthly pill box on the wrong days at incorrect times or mainly not taking the medications at all.

The 'Med-E-Lert' solved that problem for her, it took a few days to get use to the device alerts etc. but now she takes it everywhere, and we know now she is following the Doctor's prescribed consumption.

I did observe that some of the soft gel type pills tend to stick in the pill pocket, so Mom gives it a good shake and the do fall out into ger hands.

You cannot find this kind of peace of mind for the money. I anticipate getting another if this one wears out and eventually one for myself. -- Peter

This works GREAT. With my mother's memory is not very good, she could not remember when she took her pills. I have to work so was not able to be at home when it as time for her pain medication. Often times she would take it much to early and I worried about an overdose and then she was in a lot of pain before it was time to take the next dose. This way, I don't have to worry. It's on the table and she can't open it to take the medications until it is time for her to do so. It's made a big difference in how she feels as well. Taking her medication at a specific time (instead of when she thought she should take them) has helped her manage her pain much better and she is doing much better than before.

The next best thing was the price!!! I could not believe the price of these types of products. Why pay hundreds of dollars when this one works GREAT. --
I was a little skeptical at first, because this was cheaper than others I had looked at, but to my amazement I truly did find a great item.

It's compact, not so hard to set up, has a loud enough sound, and it suits my need perfectly.

My mother is 85 and is hard oh hearing. She hears it from any room in the house.

The only problem we gave encountered is the fact that she takes a lot of medicines and on a couple of occasions a pill stuck at the bottom and they were missed. But I now fill it a little different putting the larger pills in first and the more important pills in last. No problems since. -- Sandi

Works well for my mother who can't remember to take her meds on time. Now we just have to be sure she takes them. -- Sharon Schneider
I recently bought this pill dispenser for my mother it has been such an awesome and affordable device. I had priced these units at twice the cost and really didn't want to pay that much. I would have, for the peace of mind that it brings, but I am very happy with the cost of this one! She is almost 99 and livesin assisted living, but is still independent!

Awsome product~!

Thank you very much! -- beadrookie
Purchased two of the Med-E-Lert Automatic Pill Dispensers. One for each of my parents. Although they are able to care for themselves, their medication doses were confusing them to the point that they would skip and/or double dose. After setting up the pill dispensers the first time, both parents are feeling much better and more comfortable with getting their meds on time and in the right dosages.

It takes a little concentration to get the box set up right the first time but after that, it is a breeze to fill and lock each week. --
L. Cook

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy@Home Says About Med-E-Lert

"Now that we've had one for 6 months, we can't live without an electronic pillbox. We want to get one for our dogs, now, for when they have to take medication. You no longer have to remember when to take your meds or when to give them to your loved ones (humans or pets). you can tote it easily from kitchen to bathroon to bedside, so the meds are there when you need to take them. You can't accidently spill your pills after the contraption is locked. And compared to the fees charged by assisted living facilities, this will pay for itself in one week!" . . .

Thursday, July 29, 2010

New Med-E-Lert




Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Major Pharmacy College & Med-E-Lert "Pharmacy Filling Program" Study

A Major Pharmacy College and the Med-E-Lert Automatic Pill Dispenser company have entered a "Pharmacy Filling Program" study. 160 pharmacy students in the second professional year of their curriculum are placed in a variety of community pharmacy settings, including large retail chains, grocery store pharmacies, independent pharmacies, medical clinic pharmacies, etc.

Each student has been given a Med-E-Lert and along with the pharmacist will select an individual with a complicated medication regime to be given the Med-E-Lert. A comprehensive study will follow.

Recent developments addressing two of the most significant lost revenue challenges in drug store sales for pharmacies unfilled perscriptions and loss of customers to mail order pharmacies.

Published UK studies including a recent University of Birmingham, UK report (2008), as well as a new study about to be published, substantiate the increased benefits to patients and pharmacies of a new technology proven in England and which has recently been introduced to the USA.

The impact on pharmacies is simply that they can recover much of the lost perscription revenues that have plagued the industry for many years. The key is to tie a new category of consumer product, the Automated Pill Dispenser to the pharmacy operation, by offering a multi-dose pharmacy fill program. The impact on revenues driven from; customer conversions, re-acquisition and retention, increased refill rates, increased percentage of patients that fill 100% of their scripts at the pharmacy, pull through sales of other retail products, and finally new revenues from sales of a new product.

We, along with a select group of competitors, have developed a technology that has been proven in the UK and are bringing this to the US pharmacy market. This product category has been in the USA for a few years, but until now has been too expensive to create a significant opportunity for pharmacies. However, as a result of a technology and manufacturing breakthrough, we have broken the price barrier necessary to ignite the market and make this product something consumers will buy.


Med-E-Lert is pleased to announce that the EU has issued Med-E-Lert the Design Patent.

China has issued Med-E-Lert the Design and Utility Patent and the Invention Patent is Pending.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Over five million people in the United States are affected by Alzheimer's disease. With time, Alzheimer's disease gets progressively worse and has major effects on an older person's memory which impacts their ability to live in an independent lifestyle. Nevertheless, older adults with mild stages of Alzheimer's still have the chance to live normal and independent lives with the right resources. Some mild stages of Alzheimer's disease includes difficulty managing finances, planning meals, and taking medication on time, as well as difficulty learning and remembering new information. It is vital that certain resources be provided to older adults to make sure they are safe and kept healthy.

Med-E-Lert Automatic Pill Dispenser is great for the elderly. It has the capabilities to dispense the right pills at the right time, hold doses for up to two weeks and warn older adults when it's dose time through audible and visual signals. Med-E-Lert helps make sure that pills are taken in the right amount and at the right time. The devise can be especially useful elderly who have Alzheimer's. Since medicine is constantly improving, there is a variety of pills that can help older adults. Older adults find it hard to remember the amount and time they must take their pills. Patients with complicated daily medical regimes can benefit from such a product because not only will iy insure the right amount of pills are taken, but it will also remind the patient through a loud beeping sound when it is time to take their medication.

John Krans
International Sales Manager


Saturday, February 13, 2010


The Med-E-Lert Pharmacy Filling Program is an additional profit center for the pharmacy. The pharmacy sells the Med-E-Lert Automatic Pill Dispenser and charges a monthly fee to fill the trays. Pharmacies in the United Kingdom have been filling automatic pill dispenser trays successfully for a number of years.

The following promotion is for pharmacy chains interested in increasing their profits and medication adhearance by promoting the Med-E-Lert Pharmacy Filling Program.

When ordering Med-E-Lerts in 20' container quantities (4320 units) Med-E-Lert will offer two additional Spare Trays (8640 Trays) with Dosage Rings and Dust Covers in a white box Free of Charge. Free shipping is also offered on container orders. This will provide the customer with a total of three trays. Initially the Med-E-Lert can be loaded and programmed by the pharmacist. After the first filling of the trays, the extra trays can be carried to the pharmacy for refills.

Automatic pill dispensers like the Med-E-Lert are ideal for patients who have Alheizmer's, dementia, are mentally or visually impaired or for those who take several medications or nutritional supplements and vitamins throughout the day and need an efficient reminder of which pills to take when. The most successful program for the Automatic Pill Dispensers have been one where the community pharmacist fills the dispenser. Standard Operating procedures have been set up by pharmacies in the UK. For more information about these procedures and how the Med-E-Lert Pharmacy Filling Program can work for you contact:

John Krans

716-907-3395 (US Phone)

Monday, February 8, 2010


This gadget has been a godsend! I help someone who has to take quite a few vital medications, in a complicated, four-times-a-day regimen. Even with the basic, non-mechanized pill organizers, it was a nightmare trying to help her remember her pill times and getting her to take the right pills at the right time without getting mixed up and either missing a dosage or taking them to close together and thus dangerously doubling dosages.

I know I sound like a TV pitchman when I say that I was skeptical about this device at first, because there are competing pill dispensers at four, five and even ten times the price of this that seem to do pretty much the same thing. I figured there must be some catch, or trade-off or some vital feature that this less expensive device didn't have. But I bought one and lo and behold, for non-commercial, private home application, it works great! I load it up once a week and I'm done!

The set-up instructions could be clearer, but I followed them carefully and got it done in about 15 minutes or less, and there will be no reason to have to re-set it unless the doctor changes the regimen times, which is not likely. That it is battery powered is also good. The electricity shut off during a couple of storms recently but this dispenser went right ahead and did what was needed, alerting and dispensing, one less thing, a very important thing, that I don't have to worry about with the lights off.

I can't tell you how much this humble device has made life easier, less frustrating--and SAFER--for myself and my friend. It does exactly what the say it does. I love it and highly recommend it.

(My gosh, I sure DO sound like some wild-eyed TV pitchman, but I guess it is that good ol' fashioned enthusiasm for this product that compelled me to bother to write this review, knowing that if it helps others like it helped me, the world will be a happier place, Classic win-win.) - David Ciaffardini

My mother has early stage Alheizmers disease, and this automatic pill dispenser has solved a very critical problem. She would fall asleep and wake up several times during the day, and each she would think it was a new day, and take the next medications from her pill boxes. this product has solved that problem, and has actually helped he overcome a great deal of confusion. My only complaint is that the initial set-up is difficult at best, and the instructions are not intuitively easy - Snyder

I purchased this for my mom with short term memory loss who often could not remember if she took her pills. She lives alone and it was very worisome for me. This pill dispenser is very sophisticated with lots of options which makes it complicated to set up. No way an elderly person could do it themselves in my opinion. Bur after set it up it totally resolved our problem! there is no way she can take pills twice which is the most dangerous situation plus I can tell if she skips a dose (she hasn't). Any alarms set up shut off as soon as you tip the pills out. Anyway, we love it and it is well worth the cost in peace of mind. My only caution is that each pill section is not very big. In my mom's case her pill are noy so large so there is plenty of room, but if taking large pills like vitamins and antibiotics there could be an issue getting them all in. I suppose you could use two sections and have them open at different times of the day to resolve the problem. Anyway, now that we have this we could not live without it. - Linda M

Sunday, February 7, 2010

jonas-care Distributes Med-E-Lert In Germany, Austria and Switzerland

The Company jonas-care was established in the year 2002 by Lothar Beck with a drinking aid for handicapped persons in need of care.

This very flexible drinking aid allows, especially in case of restricted motor activity such as Athetosis, Spastic Paralysis, MS, Parkinson's Disease, Celebral Paralysis, the independent and safe drinking from normal glasses without using hands.

The long lasting good connections to a wide field of customers, such as end users, resellers, clinics, facilities, and medical suppliers will give a helpful start up for selling the Med-E-Lert Automatic Pill Dispenser. This unit is offered under a new name "MEDI-28" which is more common in the German language area. jonas-care takes special care to keep all European standards for the unit, which are totally different from the US market.

jonas-care installed a separate website under to deal with these units. The start date will be in March 2010.

Monday, January 25, 2010


Tabtime Ltd. a UK based retailer of medical supplies, physical therapy products, has won a distributorship agreement to warehouse and distribute the Med-E-Lert Automatic Pill Dispenser with alarm throughout the UK. This new product is available on The product line will also be available to pharmacy chains, assisted living stores and OT's & hospitals.

Automatic pill dispensers with alarms are known to be quite difficult to travel with, and have been fairly expensive until the development of the Med-E-Lert. This product shares the features of many of the traditional automatic pill dispensers used to optimize the management of nutritional supplements or medication yet this new model is portable, very easy to use, and is retailing at around half the price of some of its competitors.

"The Med-E-lert's functionality, quality and the manufacturer's passion all represent everything Tabtime Ltd. stands for. We're here to launch product innovations that make all the difference in a person's life. and this Med-E-Lert will certainly open up worlds of opportunity for anyone who incorporates it into their patient care, or the family care plan."

Automatic pill dispensers like the Med-E-Lert are ideal for patients who have Alzheimer's, dementia, are mentally or visually impaired or for those who take several medications or nutritional supplements and vitamins throughout the day and need an efficient reminder of which pills to be taken when. These products are also widely popular with in home caregivers and in assisted living facilities and hospitals so that caregivers can monitor patients medication in a manner that is simple and not time consuming. There are 28 spaces for medication in the Med-E-Lert, so patients or caregivers can plan ahead for taking their medication up to four times a day for one week.

Other automatic pill dispensers can cost between 100.00 - 200.00 pounds, and, while very helpful and convenient for many people, are not always affordable. The Med-E-Lert is easy to use and easy to program up to four times per day for up to seven days, and having a lock and key helps prevent over-medication or theft. It is made of high quality materials and is lightweight and battery operated so it ideal for travel or for patients who need to be transported often. The clear top enables the user to see and monitor the status of the medication or supplements without unlocking the device. There are three different alarm tones offered,including a blinking red light, to alert the patient when medication needs to be taken. The alarm will not turn off until the pill dispenser is tilted on its side to dispense the pills.

Tabtime Ltd. are known for launching best choices of medical, health, safety, pain relief and fitness products into the marketplace, at the best prices in the country. The Med-E-Lert, like every other new product that comes through the doors of Tabtime has been through the testing and review process of Tabtime's Product Management Team. The Med-E-Lert is currently available at
or call
0044 (0)1270 767207

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Great Product
I bought this product for my senior father to help eliminate confusion over taking his medications. Great Product!! Straightforward to set up and fill. The design prevents the possibility of taking doses out-of-order or double-dosing. I think the white lid version is best for seniors that suffer from confusion. Alarm could be louder for those that are hard-of-hearing. Great product, quick delivery, and great price. Solved our worries regarding father taking his meds correctly. Highly recommend!! - Tom - 12/2/2009

Very pleased with the product. It works just as advertised and answered many of our problems getting my father to take his pills in a timely and sequential manner. The alarm works great and is easily heard even by someone who is hard of hearing. Just be sure to take your time when you program it initially and check that it is operating as you wish before you start using it with the patient - D. Pachelo - Colorado

A real life saver! we had problems with mom taking double doses and missing doses. This product has given us an extension on getting a service to dispense the meds. The only problem I had with it was when the batteries died after two weeks meds weren't dispensed. I know there is a error message on the screen but the screen is under the protective cover and she couldn't see it. The dispenser is easy to load and use overall. - D. Andretti.

We care for my mother-in-law which has memory loss. The item works GREAT. Wish we had found it earlier. I would recommend this item to others. - Ronald

Received Medelert for my mother in law and must say great product and great service thank you. Bob Parker UK