Monday, January 25, 2010


Tabtime Ltd. a UK based retailer of medical supplies, physical therapy products, has won a distributorship agreement to warehouse and distribute the Med-E-Lert Automatic Pill Dispenser with alarm throughout the UK. This new product is available on The product line will also be available to pharmacy chains, assisted living stores and OT's & hospitals.

Automatic pill dispensers with alarms are known to be quite difficult to travel with, and have been fairly expensive until the development of the Med-E-Lert. This product shares the features of many of the traditional automatic pill dispensers used to optimize the management of nutritional supplements or medication yet this new model is portable, very easy to use, and is retailing at around half the price of some of its competitors.

"The Med-E-lert's functionality, quality and the manufacturer's passion all represent everything Tabtime Ltd. stands for. We're here to launch product innovations that make all the difference in a person's life. and this Med-E-Lert will certainly open up worlds of opportunity for anyone who incorporates it into their patient care, or the family care plan."

Automatic pill dispensers like the Med-E-Lert are ideal for patients who have Alzheimer's, dementia, are mentally or visually impaired or for those who take several medications or nutritional supplements and vitamins throughout the day and need an efficient reminder of which pills to be taken when. These products are also widely popular with in home caregivers and in assisted living facilities and hospitals so that caregivers can monitor patients medication in a manner that is simple and not time consuming. There are 28 spaces for medication in the Med-E-Lert, so patients or caregivers can plan ahead for taking their medication up to four times a day for one week.

Other automatic pill dispensers can cost between 100.00 - 200.00 pounds, and, while very helpful and convenient for many people, are not always affordable. The Med-E-Lert is easy to use and easy to program up to four times per day for up to seven days, and having a lock and key helps prevent over-medication or theft. It is made of high quality materials and is lightweight and battery operated so it ideal for travel or for patients who need to be transported often. The clear top enables the user to see and monitor the status of the medication or supplements without unlocking the device. There are three different alarm tones offered,including a blinking red light, to alert the patient when medication needs to be taken. The alarm will not turn off until the pill dispenser is tilted on its side to dispense the pills.

Tabtime Ltd. are known for launching best choices of medical, health, safety, pain relief and fitness products into the marketplace, at the best prices in the country. The Med-E-Lert, like every other new product that comes through the doors of Tabtime has been through the testing and review process of Tabtime's Product Management Team. The Med-E-Lert is currently available at
or call
0044 (0)1270 767207

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Great Product
I bought this product for my senior father to help eliminate confusion over taking his medications. Great Product!! Straightforward to set up and fill. The design prevents the possibility of taking doses out-of-order or double-dosing. I think the white lid version is best for seniors that suffer from confusion. Alarm could be louder for those that are hard-of-hearing. Great product, quick delivery, and great price. Solved our worries regarding father taking his meds correctly. Highly recommend!! - Tom - 12/2/2009

Very pleased with the product. It works just as advertised and answered many of our problems getting my father to take his pills in a timely and sequential manner. The alarm works great and is easily heard even by someone who is hard of hearing. Just be sure to take your time when you program it initially and check that it is operating as you wish before you start using it with the patient - D. Pachelo - Colorado

A real life saver! we had problems with mom taking double doses and missing doses. This product has given us an extension on getting a service to dispense the meds. The only problem I had with it was when the batteries died after two weeks meds weren't dispensed. I know there is a error message on the screen but the screen is under the protective cover and she couldn't see it. The dispenser is easy to load and use overall. - D. Andretti.

We care for my mother-in-law which has memory loss. The item works GREAT. Wish we had found it earlier. I would recommend this item to others. - Ronald

Received Medelert for my mother in law and must say great product and great service thank you. Bob Parker UK